Sunday, December 30, 2007

Prophecies Which Were Not Fulfilled In A.D. 70

1) Heaven and earth were not destroyed by fire in A.D. 70 (2 Peter 3).

2) The saints did not rise from the graves in A.D. 70 (1 Cor.15; 1 Thess. 4:13-18; Php. 3:21).

3) Christ did not return in the manner they saw Him depart in A.D. 70 (Acts 1:9ff.).

4) The fulness of the Gentiles did not come in A.D. 70 (Romans 11:25ff.).

5) The deliverer did not come from Zion to save Israel in A.D. 70 (Romans 11:25ff. Ps. 14:7; Isa. 59:20)!

6) Christ's kingdom did not smash Rome in the groin, let alone do it in A.D. 70 (Dan. 2)!

7) Rome was not yet even divided into two legs (Rome and Constantinople), in A.D. 70 (Dan. 2).

8) Rome was not a ten kingdom confederation of iron mixed with clay in A.D. 70 (Dan. 2).

9) Titus did not confirm the covenant with the Jews for a week (Dan. 9:27).

10) Titus did not set himself up as God in the Temple (2 Thess. 2).

11) Christ did not cast Titus and Rome into the lake of fire in A.D. 70 (Rev. 19).

12) Satan was not bound in A.D. 70 (Rev. 20). 

13) The saints did not reign with Christ for a thousand years, in A.D. 70 (Rev. 20).

14) The present heavens and earth did not flee in A.D. 70 (Rev. 20).

15) Christ did not mount the Great White throne of judgment in A.D. 70 (Rev. 20).

16) The unsaved dead of all ages were not judged and cast into the lake of fire in A.D. 70 (Rev. 20).

17) A new heavens and earth did not appear in A.D. 70 (Rev. 21-22).

18) Death, sorrow, crying, and abominations were not eliminated in A.D. 70 (Rev. 21-22).

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The Gospel

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