Friday, March 19, 2010

The Nature And Purpose Of Spiritual Gifts: 1 Corinthians 12

Theme: Christ is God's wisdom...

2. For answering questions (7-16)
      D. About spiritual gifts (12:1-14:40)
Chapter 12 shows the nature (1-11) and purpose of spiritual gifts (12-24).

The nature of the gifts (1-11). Verses 1-3 may indicate that one reason for the misunderstanding of spiritual gifts was because of false teachers among the Corinthians. A true teacher acknowledges that Christ is both man and Lord (cf. 1 Jn. 4:1-3), and this standard would help to discern false teachers from true. The truth then, about spiritual gifts, was that one Lord, God, and Spirit gives a variety of gifts to the body of Christ (4-11).

The purpose of the gifts (12-31). The Spirit gave a variety of gifts to different members, to prevent divisions, and promote the health an growth of the body (25). Like a human body, different parts must work together to function as a unit. This means one member cannot claim no need for another, that all members cannot perform the same function, and that all members should exercise their specific function for the good of the body.

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The Gospel

Have you heard Christ died for our sins, and God raised Him from the dead? Did you know God saves you from hell and gives you eternal life through faith in this finished work alone, not your merits (Jn. 3:16; 1 Cor. 15:1-3; Eph. 2:8-10; 2 Thess. 1:8-9)? This is so man cannot boast, and God alone gets the glory (Eph. 2:8-9).


The grand purpose of creation is to bring glory and pleasure to God in Christ (Eph. 1:1-10; Rev. 4:11). The gospel of Christ's death and resurrection for our sins, achieves this goal by magnifying God's grace and mercy towards undeserving sinners. The purpose of faithguard, is to glorify God, by defending and confirming the gospel of Jesus Christ.